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On Fresh Project#

  • Create project via composer
composer create-project badaso/starter your_project_name

On existing project#

  • You can install badaso on your existing application easily.

Badaso v2.x For Laravel 8

composer require badaso/core

Badaso v1.x For Laravel 5,6,7

composer require badaso/core:^1.0
  • Run the following commands to update dependencies in package.json, webpack and publish vendor provider.
php artisan badaso:setup

Next setup (for fresh project or existing project)#

  • Run database migration.
php artisan migrate
  • [optional] Symlink the storage folder if not yet
php artisan storage:link
  • Run composer autoload and seeders
composer dump-autoload

v2.x For Laravel 8

php artisan db:seed --class="Database\Seeders\Badaso\BadasoSeeder"

v1.x For Laravel 5,6,7

php artisan db:seed --class=BadasoSeeder
  • Create an admin account by typing the following command.
php artisan badaso:admin [email protected] --create
  • Run the following command to install all of dependencies.
yarnyarn dev
  • Run your laravel project and access /badaso-dashboard path on your laravel.
# via local machinephp artisan serve
# or
# via docker (for badaso/starter or you can set your docker on your existing project)docker compose builddocker compose up -d