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Relation Belongs to

Badaso provides a feature to use belongs to relation. Belongs to is the opposite of hasOne relationship. For more details about belongs to, you can visit dokumentasi laravel.

Set Relation Belongs to#

For use this feature, you can follow the step below:

  • Previously, using CRUD Management, first create a table that will generate CRUD. Example "books".

  • Open CRUD Management, and edit the table that has been create.

    Add relation belongs to

  • Set the column according to what you want, in the column that is used as a relation, select the input relation type, press the "set relation" button.

    Add relation belongs to set input type

  • In the form, follow these steps:

    • In Relation Type select "Belongs To".

    • In Destination Table select table relation.

    • In Destination Column select id.

    • In Destination Column To Display select column to display. for example "name".

    • More Data For API is an optional menu that is used to add data that will be returned by the API.

      Add relation belongs to set options

  • Save and save CRUD.