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When generating a CRUD, the Optional Details checkbox can be filled with JSON as shown below. Property items must be filled while size is not required because by default it is already filled with 12. The items property is used as checkbox content while size functions to adjust the width of the checkbox container.

{  "size": "6", // 1-12 default 12  "items": [    {      "label": "This is label",      "value": "this_is_value"    }  ]}

View: BadasoCheckbox#

Badaso provides a Vue component for checkbox use, namely BadasoCheckbox. The use of BadasoCheckbox can be seen in the code sample below.

<badaso-checkbox    :label="label"    :placeholder="placeholder"    v-model="model"    size="12"    :alert="error"    :items="items"></badaso-checkbox>


To use BadasoCheckbox, there are some props that must be filled and optional. the code below is a list of props for BadasoCheckbox.

size: {    type: String,    default: "12",},label: {    type: String,    default: "Checkbox",},placeholder: {    type: String,    default: "Checkbox",},value: {    type: Array,    required: true,},items: {    type: Array,    required: true,},additionalInfo: {    type: String,    default: "",},alert: {    type: String|Array,    default: "",},

The value props are filled using v-model.